Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resource Center


CareSTL Health is aggressively amending patient protocols in our efforts to protect patients and staff from the spread of COVID-19. 

Please be advised effective March 30, 2020 health center hours will be adjusted as we continue to work to best serve our patients  and staff through this crisis.  For a complete listing please go to locations.  

We are encouraging patients to utilize telehealth or telephonic (telephone) for provider appointments.   

CareSTL Health is urging patients to take advantage of our FREE mail order service for prescription refills.  Please make the mail order request at the time of your refill.  Call 314-367-5820.

A new visitor’s protocol is in effect.  (March 23, 2020).  No Visitor Notification

CareSTL Health – DENTAL

Effectively immediately, the dental department will ONLY provide emergency services.


As part of our initiative to keep patients safe, we advise individuals to stay informed and follow recommendations from the CDC.  For the latest information on the Coronavirus, click the links below. 

To protect you and your family from the spread of COVID-19, please take advantage of the prescription mail order service. It is a free service. Patients picking up prescriptions in person will be asked to kindly wait outside as we adhere to CDC social distancing recommendations. Call 314-367-5820 for the details.