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The services we provide are comprehensive care management through care coordination, health promotion, comprehensive transitional care including follow-up from inpatient, ER, other settings, patient and family support, and referrals to community and support services. Some of our goals are to reduce inpatient hospitalization, re-admissions and inappropriate emergency room visits, improve coordination and transitions of care, and improve clinical indicators ( e.g. A1C, LDL, blood pressure). We emphasize education, activation, and empowerment through interpersonal interactions and system-level protocols. We assist Health Home Patients with their self management goals because,  Care STL Health is a patient center medical home.

Kamilah Adams, Health Home Manager, at 314-367-5820 ext. 2348.

Kamilah Adams

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If you have an emergency requiring immediate medical attention, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If you have a non-emergency medical situation that is urgent, please call your physician or call our Urgent Care number at 314.367.5820.

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Send a non-emergency message via our Patient Portal or visit our FAQ page.

Please note: FREE COVID-19 testing is available at all four locations. Please note the dedicated Pediatric testing site is located at 4500 Pope Avenue.
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