Dr.Hari Nallapaneni is originally from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. He completed his medical school at Guntur Medical College. He also did his MBA from Andrews University, Michigan. After graduation he had worked in the Caribbean for 10 yrs. Later, he came to USA and did his Residency in Internal Medicine at Saint Louis University and Cardiology at University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Since graduation he has been working in the FQHC. His passion to help the underserved is inspired by his mother, Mrs. Samrajyam Nallapaneni, who had been a lifelong advocate for serving the socioeconomically challenged especially those suffering from healthcare disparities. Since the unfortunate sudden demise of her, her son Dr. Nallapaneni has took her aspirations as his guidance and has been working and fighting for total quality health care for our most underserved patient population.

Dr.Nallapaneni sees patients once a week at 5471 Dr.Martin Luther King Drive.